Sunday, 30 September 2007

Random Thoughts

Has it ever happened to you? That you're sitting around scratching your leg and some thought occur to you and you actually wish to share it but never can. Well it happens to me all the time!

For instance, recently I've been thinking that the song Doorie of Atif Aslam should be banned on tv and radio. I just can't bear it any longer. Really! I thought it had stopped until I heard it today on tv.

Then, don't you think that if there was less (not to say zero) romantic movies and songs, breaking up would have been easier for people? Hell! We could ever have decreased the level of suicide per year.

Love songs are really misleading; they either give the listener the impression that he/she is in love or they depress the person to the extent of resorting to desperate measures.

Let's face it people, you don't need to tell the one you love that he/she looks like a rose, PC, chocolate, [insert nice word here] to let the person know that you actually care. Yeah love is complicated! It is made complicated by dumbasses! Duh!

And then, what's with this habit of using retard language around me, huh? Creole is really complicated as it is and then some stupid bitch decides to complicate the whole thing event more by starting her own dialect. The other day I got a message on a networking site from a fellow mauritian gal and it went like "zelo bla bla bla" anyway that's how I saw the message! A note to you if you're reading this: I'm fine with the fact that you use your personal retard language among your friends etc but don't assume that the language is universal and go about trying to communicate with me using it! Duh!

God! Why me of all people! Why meeee!

Aaah I'm relieved :D tension gone! Thank you for reading! hihi...

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Saturday, 29 September 2007

The 10 000

Today something to talk about... celebrate its 10, 000th visitor and 25 000th page view and counting. I'm relying on the figures I've got from sitemeter since March 4 of this year. It warms my heart to see that we've reached this figure at last! Aargh, I'm not really good at showing my emotions, I know! Anyway this goes as a thank you to all of you who regularly visit and find something to say about my posts to make me happy. I'm particularly thinking of all those on my roll. Thank you dudettes and dudes for always being here! :D

I've started this blog in November last year and I've started giving it some attention around march of this year, thus installing the counter and other widgets. Courtesy of Jev for the mood
and words running through my head widget! :D Thank you hun! They indeed make me feel like a queen!

I've met some new friends through blogging. A big big thank you to M0rph for always finding the time to drop some words on the shoutboxie and Monisha and Usha for being the best gal buddies ever!

My big thanks to Manico, Lord Manila, Ropi and Raving Lunatic for providing valuable feedbacks. Thank you Loona, Natasha, Gemz, Angele, Y@$# (I couldn't find the "y" :$ mo 1 loss mo coner!), Avesh, Roushdat, Yashvin, Tushal, Slasher, Kyu, Waz and all those who have subscribed to my feeds :$ and all those anonymous, hidden aliens who sometimes visit without leaving a trace.

LOL! I'm feeling like I'm receiving an award! Good gracious! Last but not least I wanna thank my parents... ok ok, I stop! lol!

So that's the details of visitor 10, 000Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket not much detail really. I was hoping to give a little virtual prize to this visitor, like a review of his/her blog on my blog maybe or something like that but no one really claimed to be the 10 000th visitor. :( If ever those details are yours contact me! It is never too late ;)

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Friday, 28 September 2007

I saw my aliens!

This is unbelievable dudettes and dudes. I saw it from my room last night. My aliens came for a short visit.

Here's what the scene looks like by day.

Weird huh?

Nah! It was just the full moon. Hihi! Gotcha!

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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Woman Abuse in Mauritius

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The form of abuse that I witness everyday is the abuse against women. No, these women are not physically or sexually abused (that is, not yet) but they sure are abused in a way that I guess not even them are aware of. I don't know how to name that form of abuse but I sure can describe it to you with some examples of incidents I've witnessed.

There is a girl who was a friend of mine, let's name her X and there was a guy who is well, an acquaintance, let's name him Y.

X used to be a very social, outgoing and fun-loving girl. There was no problem about that. She had friends and her friends were like her. That's until she met Y. At first the guy was OK with the way she is.

I met X last year after some years of not meeting and it was weird the extent to which she had changed. She was a completely different person. confused
And then I got to know through some friends that X's boyfriend has imposed many things upon her. Namely, not hanging out in places like the cafeteria (yeah the university cafet! duh! rolleyes), not speaking to other guys, that is classmates and the boyfriend's friends and most importantly, not to hang out with her original girl friends! Now what do you think of that? Outrageous?! Well, this is quite common around here (not applicable to all guys but still...). What the guy is doing is forcing a person to isolate herself from her friends and social life and this dudettes and dudes, is a type of abuse.

And the guy, he keeps going on with his social life as usual. That is, he hangs out in night clubs, wants to date girls and I saw him on various occasions "hugging" some random chicks right in front of the cafeteria, wise of him to tell his girl not to go around there, huh? He is "preserving" his long time girlfriend for the wedding, if you know what I mean.

As for the girl, she seems OK with the present situation, obediently accepting the rules, venerating her boyfriend and she has severed all contacts with her old friends.

As for me I don't know what to do. It hurts to see her like this. You think she is happy? I don't. She does not know about her boyfriend's other life. This illusion of a happy couple life brings her a fallacious happiness.

This has happened to so many women before. While still in the boyfriend-girlfriend stage the girl feels flattered if the guy shows some jealousy. It's like "oh my god, he cares". Yeah he cares! He thinks you're his object. And then when the couple gets married and the guy is totally assured that the woman is his for the rest of his life, then the true story begins. You'll see the whole series of physical abuse, sexual abuse, moral abuse, verbal abuse, you name it. Now how does if feel to be the property of someone? That's when the woman sees the true aspect of her husband but most of the time in our Mauritian society it is too late! Marriage is the ultimate holy step and you can't back down (mostly in Hindu marriages). The woman gets to live with the man she thought she knew for the rest of her life, looking after her children. She will most probably not be allowed to work, just to prevent her from being in contact with other men.

So, how do we put an end to that?

My take is that women should simply avoid getting in a relationship with men like that. It sounds easy saying it. In the case of my friend, she is way too in love to realise that she is being abused. I know she won't believe me if I told her the truth about her boyfriend. But she does need support, even though the help was not solicited by her. I sure hope she reads this. It is never too late to quit and start your life anew. Every woman has the right to freedom, freewill and happiness. And if this post helps at least one person. I'll be the happiest girl around. smile
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Sunday, 23 September 2007

Lazy sunday

Today while giving tuitions, the girls asked me to give my opinion on fashion. It was like "miss, what do you think of new fashions?". And I asked them why they wanted to know my opinion (I was scared they'd say they wanted to know how old people saw the whole thing) but they just said that it'll be interesting to know. Interesting to know... Hmmm, I don't really think it'd be. I've never really been a fashion adept in the right sense of the word. I've adopted the modern punk style for many years of my life and recently I'm really normal, wearing sunny colors and all.

But I've decided to do something today! I've made tresses on my hair!
yaayy! But I don't know how long I'll be keeping them and whether I'll be going to class tomorrow with that! Let's see if I'm daring enough!twisted

This was fun to do. I'll be doing some more on my hair soon enough! Take care people.

And oh by the way, I've realised that I'm so totally in love with summer wild flowers growing everywhere on my street!

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Friday, 21 September 2007

My Pierced Story

I was sitting down and thinking about my life. Some people find it weird when I talk about my life because well, they think that 20 years isn't a life?! Oops, I've said my age out loud on the net. You can even check the date and when in 10 years I'll say that I'm 21 you could prove that I'm a bloody liar! You see, that's an example that shows that blogging can be dangerous to ones reputation.

Anyway I was thinking about my life, particularly of the time when I was still at school; my piercing sprees, converse shoes obsession and regular school shirking. Yeah I was not an exemplary student in any sense of the term, except perhaps that I did not thoroughly neglect my studies, I just wanted to have some fun but at night some guilt crept in and I used to study, while everyone was asleep. No one knew that I was not following the rules, except my friends. And when the results came, I was the happiest creature alive (my smile looked a bit like this, lol).morinn I was happy cause I had managed to show that I was capable of succeeding while living my way. I was barely legal at that time and all these seemed right.

Then I started giving tuitions at home to earn some money while I was free before university classes started. Imagine having a teacher who's got like, 21 or so piercings!twisted Maybe the kids found it cool, maybe they were scared of me, I remember removing each of them before going to meet them. I just was not comfortable anymore. I was comfortable with my piercings at home with people who knew me, my parents and sister.[Just for a little info, I come from a very conservative sort of family, but my parents are the most comprehensive people I've ever seen. They're my parents afterall! :D]

Little by little all my rings remained in their boxes and I never put them on again and the pierced areas healed. I went to classes, gave tuitions, met new people, most of whom had never seen my 21-pierced self. I made new friends, people who would never had befriended me before I guess.

All this to say that we should really stop judging people from how they look. I'm the one I've always been, less some piercings, that's all. I'm still me. And you know what, I wanna dig back my old rings and get some new piercings done! evil

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Thursday, 20 September 2007

The National Library

Today I went to the National Library!(seriously) I love the way the lettering glows on this pic. It's like "tadaaa" or Alleluia! I had some research to do and to tell you the truth I was really impressed by the place. The staff there is really polite. I had an awesome welcome. Plus they were very helpful, they even brought me some books at my table. Aaww, I know, it's so cute.

I was sitting at the back (the back bencher side of me took over) and I was watching everyone. There was a guy looking for something on a PC, there was a school boy doing some physics homework and there was an elderly man. The elderly man caught my attention the most. He was reading a huge hardbound book. When I say huge I mean it was about 1 meter high and half meter wide. Imagine such a book! It was in fact, a compilation of old newspapers and he was really absorbed in the pages, taking some notes occasionally. I could glimpse at the pages, they were genuine, old, brown paper! You know the kind of paper that makes you feel it's been touched by people from the past. I waited for the man to finish reading but he kept on reading and finally when he decided to leave the place, it was quite late and I had to leave too.

I guess I'll have to go back there! I'm really curious to examine those old newspapers dudettes and dudes. This is an obsession!

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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

The Golden Age of Weird Photography

Dudettes and dudes, we are living in the golden age of weird photography! Believe it or not. And all this has started with the invention of digital cameras and mostly with mobile phones equipped with cameras.

How to recognize a weird photograph?
  1. look for the protruding hand.


Yeah the hand is almost every time present on the photograph. This is terribly freaky but we get used to it in the longrun.

2. The photos should have absolutely no meaning

3. Photos of random trashfood or your petslipscat are considered as being "artsy"

However our portable digital cameras can be useful at times. Especially for taking the picture of an aeroplane coming straight at you or well, it might be a truck too, so that people can actually know THE TRUTH! Hehe now you guys know there's a reason why I'm always taking pictures of things around me and of myself mainly! twisted

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Sunday, 16 September 2007

suddenly I see

Lately I was in a really jovial mood, which is weird since I was in my PMS week. I don't know why I'm actually "sharing" this with you. I don't like to get personal about me on this blog (yeah really). And if you've gave super attention to what I've said you'll notice 1 thing. No? You didn't see it? oh c'mon! Yeah that's right I've got another blog. A personal one. That's where I'm not sweet at all. That's where I bash people who have pissed me off, that's where I'm me. It's not that I'm not me here; it's just that here I'm the diplomatic me. Many a time I've wanted to write posts about what has pissed me off, about stupid bitches mainly but hell I've gave up. Firstly coz I think that once my anger has receded I would want to put that post down and I wouldn't be able to do so cause I value your comments :D and that brings me to the second point, I'll have to come up with loads of crappy posts to prevent people (including me) from reading my "hate post".

There've been some posts that I'm proud of, for instance the one where I talk about my stupid relatives. Hell,that was relaxing! But lately, what with the traffic pouring in and stuff, I'm reluctant to be honest. To say that I hate people who chew their food aloud for instance and how I hate it when you drop by and assure me I've got a nice blog! No, really? If I thought it wasn't "nice" I'd have stopped posting a long time back dumbass! Seriously, it's not like when you drop by out of nowhere and tell me my blog is nice that my life and whole perspective of the world will change and I'll become a regular commenter on yours, stupid moron! Be original for godsake!

I'm feeling better!

Friday, 14 September 2007

Army of the Sun - Roadrunner United

I know it's a bit early to be talking about my crush of the month but hell I can't help it plus my rock n related stuff section has been neglected for too long. The song is Army of the Sun, found in Roadrunner Records' project which was launched to celebrate its 25th anniversary entitled The All-Star Sessions.

The All-Star Sessions was made possible by a team of 57 artists from 45 past and present bands working under Roadrunner's label (Roadrunner United). The team had 4 "team captains", namely Robert Flynn (Machine Head), Joey Jordison (Slipknot, Muderdolls), Matt Heafy (Trivium) and Dino Cazares (Asesino, Fear Factory).

The album was released in the US on the 10th of October 2005.

So much for the album history.

About the song:
Length : 3:48
Vocal : Tim Williams
Rhythm Guitar - Robb Flynn, Jordan Whelan
Bass - Christian Olde Wolbers
Drums - Andols Herrick

It's not a video. You'll just hear the song and see Roadrunner's logo.

And here's the lyrics:

I was electrified by your eyes as they froze
Inviting me inside of your life to grow

Everlasting setting sun
You’re my angel, you’re the only one
No one close an
d nothing compares in the end
We will be together again

I'm so mesmerized by the light you expose
Igniting a fire deep
inside of my soul

Everlasting setting sun
You’re my angel, you’re the only one
No one close and nothing compares in the end
We will be toget
her again

Darkness shall fall with the strength of us all
Darkness shall fall
Darkness shall fall with the strength of us all
It shall fall

I raise my whit
e flag
It’s the last flag I’ll ever raise
Don't stay away
Staring at you and all you are
I believe
Yeah I believe
Yeah I believe

(So much sadness, what happened to happiness...)
Everlasting setting sun
You’re my angel, you’re the only one
No one close and nothing compares in the end
You’re my angel, you’re the only one

We will be together again
We will be together again

My Favourite Part:

"Everlasting setting sun
You’re my angel, you’re the only one

No one close and nothing compares in the end"

What I see when I hear it:

Do you actually see something? twisted This picture was taken on a very trashy day when Jev and I had to trespass on some property to be able to go to our usual hangout place. It included climbing a very tricky hill which is littered with broken ceramic tiles which have the tendency to make loads of noise when walked on! Yeek.

Anyway that was my crush of the month. The song sounds romantic when seen in this angle, ain't it? :D

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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

A Post to piss you all off.

[This was written in ten minutes while I was going to Reduit. It contains lots of stuff about me that will not change the course of your life in the least bit. Also if you thought that I was not arrogant and self centred this has the potential to break your miserable dream. So much for the disclaimer. ]

Here goes:

Six years ago tragedy struck the USA and most precisely the state of NY with the incident of the WTC.

Six years ago I remember that my grandma was at our place and I was sitting by my favourite glass table, doing my homework. It was a particularly tough accounting question and I was not paying attention to the muted TV playing right in front of me.

Just then, the telephone rang. I don't remember who answered it but I know that just after that the volume of the TV was turned on and some foreign news channel, probably BBC or CNN was casting news about an air crash and the attack on the WTC.

I was really excited by this news. My parents and sister were panicked. My grandma wanted to go home. She was scared and insisted so much that my father finally agreed to drop her home. By that time, it was already 8 pm. The driver came and we set off. There was just four of us; me, my father, grandma and the driver. The drive to Mahebourg, where my grandma lives went quite smoothly and quietly. It was almost 10 pm when we arrived at destination. We had a conversation with our family there and set to return home quite quickly.

On our way back we passes near Plaisance where the airport is located and we were lucky to see a plane take off.

[Now there is something interesting that I wish to share with you. I always find it funny and somewhat annoying when I'm going to Mahebourg with my family and the driver is suddenly asked to stop the vehicle to admire a plane take off and everyone will gaze at the sky in amazement and point fingers and let out big "aahs" and "oohs". Having been born in Mahebourg, I consider myself as being a southern chick and southern chicks are not amazed by anything plane-related! :D ]

So, coming back to my story, we saw the plane take off and for the first time in my life I was truly amazed. Not by its appearance or the lights that are cast when it takes off but by the thought of how it would feel to see that coming directly towards you about to kill you, destroying everything about you. You get the picture. This thought was very creepy and that night as long as we were in the airport's vicinity, as long as I kept hearing the plane's noises, I was afraid. These planes were deadly pterodactyls, innocent-looking yet very lethal.

We then passed through Plaine Verte. There was a private meeting held by a political party there. My father went in to say hello. I was scared. On our way home I kept silent until I got home. I had my homework to complete. And had to stay awake a long time before I could call it a day. So much for how I've spent my 11th September 2001. I was 14 then.

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P.S : It contains grammar errors I know, too lazy to correct.

Monday, 10 September 2007

something stinky...

Today I had a real hard time with Zou. She has brought a dead hen home! Yeah a real dead hen! Now you'll ask me where the hell could she have found a hen in the vicinity? Well, I'm as perplexed as you are! The dead animal was stinky as hell and imagine me trying to separate Zou from the animal and at the same time holding my breathe and trying not to puke! You get the picture? Aargh!

Ah, here's Zou, laughing at my attempts to get her hen She's cute as hell but oh so naughty! And I get a feeling that she has thoroughly enjoyed making me run after her with the hen safely in her mouth. Maybe she thought I wanted a bite too!

Anyway in the end I won! Yaaayyyy! :D

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Sunday, 9 September 2007

something tasty...

Hello people! Yesterday I've been quite busy making dal puris! :D I did it my way since I don't know the original dal puri recipe, the ones that are sold by street hawkers and so on. I made the dough with flour and "dholl gram" and some spices. food I've crushed the dholl by hand. After some complicated series of events (which I am too exhausted and lazy to relate and which will not change your life the least bit), the dal puris were ready! Tadaaaaaaaaaaaa! food And then I made some rougaille and potato in curry to be eaten with the dal I also made a sort of soup to accompany all of this. food

It was a real spicy meal but I guess that my family enjoyed it, or they were pretending to be. But anyway this made me happy! Cheers people and my hungry aliens!

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Friday, 7 September 2007


Today I'm feeling really happy (ok, more than usual). Maybe it's just the Friday thing or I'd rather think that it's because today I did something which I used to do when I was younger, that is in secondary school. No no, it's not that I've bunked classes today. That is just so so outdated! I did something illegal today ladies and gents and my shocked aliens! Yes yes illegal! Of course, I'm not telling a soul what that is! I fear, I fear. Morinn is not almighty, you see! Gosh I'm speaking about me in the third person. I've really lost it.

Let's change the subject, shall we? This is getting too damn embarrassing for me.

Throughout my posts I've listed many stuff that make me happy. Sunshine, flowers, beautiful stuff, some special persons, my family, my doggies, food :D , rock, risks, drives.

So I wanted to know. What are the things that make you happy?

C'mon tell me about it! :P

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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

My Savanna is being polluted by stupid people

It all happened yesterday when I took my dogs for their evening walks. I usually don't take them too far. I let them loose on our own property, the part that is still left wild. I call this part the savanna because, well it looks like a savanna minus the lion, zebras and giraffes of course!

So, coming back to yesterday, I was really angry to see that some people have dumped their garbage on our land. I just can't imagine how someone could make so much effort just to dump his garbage in the property of others when in this region scavengers make rounds twice a week! Instead of dumping the trash here, they could just have put them in those big LMLC sacks and waited patiently for the scavengers to come and collect them. Duh! They must have looked really stupid taking all their garbage presumably by night and coming to dump them here.

My mother's take on this is that those people are not aware that scavengers do collect plastic stuff and they thought they cannot burn their garbage either so they just carried the whole of them and came to dump them here with the hope that the land owner will not notice the huge pile of garbage.

I'm still figuring out what to do about this. My father suggested a "private property, do not dump" sort of sign to be put there.

Do you think this can solve the problem?