Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The douchebag ecosystem

You might say that I`m judging but I`d say that I`m only observing. So today I was thinking about why I hate hanging out in bars and pubs or why I`ve never been to a nightclub. Apart from the fact that the only dance I`m good at is the Egyptian break-dance, the reason is, because of the people. See, those places are made up of the "douchebag ecosystem". I hope I`m the first one to have coined the term. The douchebag ecosystem is made up different species sharing one thing in common: their love for doucheiness.

Don`t cry in horror when you enter this place dressed in jeans, tees and sandals to find people dressed in their best clothes and wearing the "bitch please" expression on their faces. You`ll try to find a seat by swerving through a bunch of clown-faced hookers, Barney Stinson wannabes who figured out that by wearing a suit you`ll think they are way more successful than anyone else. You`ll also pass by the younger ones who just wanna get drunk and who don`t give a damn about who`s bringing them home.

Then in a far corner you`ll see your friends. You`ll have a drink or two, would make fun of the douches and would decide to never come back again and to meet on the beach the next time.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Why people don`t care about what`s going on in Calodyne

Lately there`s a buzz (or is it just me?) about what`s going on in Calodyne. Put briefly, some investors are constructing a hotel and pumping sand from the sea (whilst this is illegal since 2001). Quite understandably, fishermen are protesting. In an ecological viewpoint, I totally support the protests. But the point of this is not to talk about my stance. It`s to make you know why people don`t care about what`s going on.

Picture this: You live in Calodyne, you`ve got a cozy home, a huge pool, 1 sedan and 1 SUV or offroader. You live within the confines of your yard. If you wanna go to the beach, you`ve got Pereybere and that too, you wouldn`t wanna mingle with the populace. The beach at Calodyne ain`t a real beach for you. Would you care if it`s gone? No. Would you care about a damn hotel located 500m from your home? No. Would you care if there`s a strip-club nearby? No, unless if you`re a regular client. 

How to make the people care?
You see people at Calodyne value the little things that make it an awesome place. For instance take the uncoal-tarred road. They don`t want the roads leading to their home paved. It`s so cool to drive your offroader home. It makes you feel like Indiana Jones and you don`t wanna lose that. Having a hotel nearby would take that away from you, if they decided to get your street paved. Having a hotel nearby would mean changes in the region and they wouldn`t want that.

It`s all a question of perspective, dudettes and dudes, you don`t go about telling them about the ordeal of fishermen, they don`t care. Tell them about what they might lose if the hotel is constructed and see what happens.

Monday, 2 April 2012

How to get rid of an addiction

As a control freak, I tend to despise addictions. Addictions make you lose control, they sweep you off your feet and awaken your senses. They bring that massive rush of endorphin that makes you want for more. They take you to a wonderful world where nothing else ever matters. That rush is evanescent though, it fades away some days later and leaves you with a feeling of withdrawal. That`s when you go about doing stupid stuff, undermining your ego in the process, in order to feel that again.

So recently I`ve got an addiction, that`s very hard to contain. Not that I`ve tried much to contain it. But today I decided that this has got to stop. Since people usually use Mondays as a starting block, here I am dudettes and dudes... 

P.S: It`s just a chocolate addiction, the usual...

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Games and fun

Today`s April fool. As much as I love fun stuff, I`ve never been able to have fun on this day. This may be attributed to the fact that I`ve never really been able to "fool" anyone on this day.
So you might guess that April Fool is not something I`ll give a try soon.

But this post is about games and I`m sure as hell going to talk about it.

Lately my game-ambitions have been very much inspired by How I Met Your Mother, yeah that TV show. It`s actually really fun to play "drunk or kid" where you tell stories of how you did something crazy  and people have to guess whether you were drunk or a kid.

Here`s one for you: Once with my best pals we played in the pirate-themed park at Caudan and I was stuck in a sort of little window, my head inside the ship and the rest stuck outside. People from outside or on the road could see me hanging there. I spent quite some time hanging there. I don`t remember what happened next. Drunk or kid?