Monday, 23 April 2007

Let's do something!

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This is not as serious as you might think.

I'm actually in the mood to cheer! To support a cause! Whatever cause it might be. A good cause obviously. So this is something I've done about AIDS. It's nothing. I'm just showing off. hihi

But here's a note from me to the thousands of young people(underestimation) reading this blog; go to hell!
Oops that wasn't me.

Actually I know it's been said a thousand times. But
  • Be careful!
  • Use condoms
  • never tell your parents about it, not even your grandma
  • brag about it (how often and with whom)
Ok I was just kidding for the last one. Don't have multiple partners, please. You're putting yourself in a terrible situation when doing this.

Yeah you are right, this is not the AIDS week or whatever and most importantly I believe that if you are reading this you are intelligent enough to know how to save your own damn dear life from dangers of AIDS isn't it?

So long ladies and gents and my confused aliens!

Estimated number of people living with HIV/AIDS by the end of 2005 in Mauritius: 4,100

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Saturday, 21 April 2007

something flowery...

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Today I've bought a lamp for the basement. I thought it was beautiful so I bought it. I'm greatly in need of sources of light for my room so almost anything that can be lit is the most welcomed! hihi. I haven't really been able to do any changes on the room; I was really tired for not having slept well the past nights and I had other things to do.

Yeah you've guessed it right, things like experimenting with wild flowers in glasses! But this sure can be fun sometimes.

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Plus I've gone to meet Jev at Goodlands. It was awesome the few hours that we've spent together.

And back home at 3 mum made some samoussas and tea. And I've got absolutely no idea how the rest of the day went by. I did almost nothing.Well that is a lie. I just don't wanna tell you what I did! Secret secret! hihi...

So long ladies and gents and my secretive aliens!

Friday, 20 April 2007

Moving Down

It was a strenuous process. Not quite as I had expected. Luckily I had the help of my sister. My bed split in two when we tried to bring it down as it had endured too much bumpings on the way. And when we finally reached on top of the basement's stair we've just let it go down the stairs on its own and that's when it split in two. And I was like "et merde!" but then I felt sedated, like all this was not really happening, so what if I end up losing my bed forever? hehe...
But then I went to fetch my hammer! After a couple of hammer shock at the right places the bed was back on its feet. To thank my sister for her precious help I made good ol' fried cakes and some chutney.(pictures below) It tasted great. Guess the tiredness made us appreciate the food!
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My mother was very mad at me those past days. I guess she's still against my moving down. But this is not going to stop me. I am young and adamant at proving that I can stick to the place without any problem even if I'll have to spend some cold nights down there before I find a way to provide more heat. A chimney? hihi... Why not. With me around nothing is impossible. About the party, it is really going to take place with some close friends around(those who wanna come). More will be said later!

So my room is still under construction. I hope to get done with all the finishing touches during this week end. Then I could post a picture of my cave like Yash said. And I need to buy a bat mobile. hahaha...

For now I'm going to light some candles and clean it a little.
So long ladies and gents and my convalescent alien.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

something unexpected...

Have you ever wondered how it's going to be to have a room in the basement of your house? That is if your dad was crazy enough to have a basement (which does not hold any purpose at all) constructed (which is half the size of my house and which is used by my mother only to put her clothes to dry.)

Well I did wonder about that and sure enough last Friday I made a pledge to the house's supreme court (my mum) and today she did agree for me to move down! Can you believe it? can you actually believe it? can you fucking believe it? ok ok I guess that by now you've believed it but I know you haven't yet realised the importance of this for me. I'll be having a floor on my own, my own fridge in the basement and all my other stuffs plus the room is mega big, it's like a hall and there's an exit door!

And the first thought that came to my mind, the second thought actually cause the first thought was "ding dong". ok, the second thought that came to my mind was: "partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!" but guess it'll take some time to settle down, make myself comfy and the party can wait.

So I've already started moving my things down. More will be done by tonight and I hope that I manage to get everything done by tonight.
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A pic taken today. My dark chocolate warming up in the sun. Still it did not melt like I'd want it to but it sure was tasty. Dark chocolate rocks! hehe...

So long ladies and gents and my delighted aliens.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

something cuteeee....

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These are Zou's babies. I find them really cute. They've just started seeing the world as they have just opened their eyes. They look a little bit sleepy and they are really really grumpy. They make weird noises when I hold them and they like to bite my fingers with their small teeth! Still I find them cute!! hihi...

Monday, 16 April 2007

something about them...

they are funny...
they are crazy...
they are artistic...
they are poetic... they hold their own secrets, their own world...

they make mistakes like we all do...
I've made mistakes too...
but without them life would never have been as risky, immature and irresponsible as it is!!!lol... cheers to you guys!! I L O V E Y O U

Sunday, 15 April 2007


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Thank you for loving me through all of my imperfections, weird character, arrogance, selfishness, dictatorship, hatred of others, sensitivity, bad moods, too much expectations. God, it's amazing how a nice person I am!

But jokes apart, I owe you a lot.

Ten months today, I don't want to remind you about it cause I know it does not matter to you. It does not matter cause you've remained as you were right from the first days, full of dreams, caring like a dad, fierce as a lion, gentle as a puppy...

you were always there to protect me, guide me, comfort me, encourage me... i never thought one person could fulfill all of these tasks. And then came your song "she came in my dreams". I feel like I've never thanked you enough for it. come to think of it, I've never thanked you enough for being with me...

I love you.

Saturday, 14 April 2007

something selfish...

Last night the folks at home called me selfish. By folks I mean my mum and my sister, (cause my dad does not worry about anything). Well, anyway I was mad at my mum and sister upon returning home at 5pm when I saw that there was no juice in my fridge. Yeah I said my fridge cause I’ve got a fridge in my room, so that makes it my personal fridge.

I had bought juice (a recent addiction) the day before and I was fantasizing on a huge glass of chilled juice after returning home yesterday and when I opened my fridge, well, I saw only nothing! So I got real mad at them. The thing is, it’s not that I hate sharing; I could have even let them drink it all, if only someone had called me to ask for permission! I think I’m old enough to own some juice and so people who drink my juice have to at least inform me. I could have bought another one on my way back home instead of coming home and finding nothing there. And so my mum, who by the way never accepts that she’s wrong about anything, lectured me on how selfish I could get sometimes. I was surprised that she did not bring along some diagrams showing the unusual up rise in my level of selfishness! Duh!

Fig. 2 selfishness curve of Morinn

And so, we all went to buy juice at 9 pm. Yeah I know they are mad people. And the most annoying thing is that they kept calling about the so called riot in Port Louis, telling me to be cautious etc. to hell with caution! I just wanted to drink some chilled juice!

So that’s it ladies and gentlemen and my selfish aliens.

Thursday, 12 April 2007

D-1 to Freaky Friday

Yeah I thought tomorrow was supposed to be the unlucky day and not today. But well, I think we were quite lucky still. Those who know what I'm talking about will, well, know what I'm talking about! Helluva day! You've handled the situation superbly well Jev! Mon Heros!! :P

this is what usually happens 1 hour before a test. (this is not me by the way!) ;D Jev, revising!

Surprise surprise! hihi.. Keli this is what we get by being wonderful cheerleaders in UOM! enjoy! hihi :P You'll get the real one pretty soon. It's nice to see that some people still remember us and our great performance.hihi

Kervin already has his which I think he's keeping as a trophy! A quite light and "volatile" trophy for that matter. haha

So that's it for today ladies and gents and my freaked out aliens!

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

something jaded...

ever felt like this? Jaded? This song was running in my head since morning so I thought why not see the video and blog about it while I'm at it. By the way, the girl in this video is Mila Kunis whom you have probably recognized from the real awesome That 70s show.

So here goes ladies and gents and my jaded aliens.

by the way, have you ever wondered why I always end my posts by "ladies and gents and my (adjective) aliens"?
Some people have asked me that. The "ladies and gentlemen" part is cause Robb Flynn often says this and I find it totally awesome. The alien part cause there are unknown people out there viewing blogs and increasing our number of views!! Booh!! Hihi.

Saturday, 7 April 2007

something cold...

Today was a weird day in absolutely every way. Was ill, home with my dad. Mum and Loo have gone to some relative’s place. My father cooked lunch which consisted of pumpkins, some kind of root vegetable, rice, “dholl petit pois” with lots of bringels in it. All these were to be eaten with a papaya and lemon pickle. Ahem… but guess what? The food was eatable. but one hour later I started having terrible abdominal pains. I don’t know if it was due to the food.

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(this is cookie, just wanted to put her picture here) Then around 3 pm dad made tea and he made boiled maize with a sort of chutney. It was nice. Have you noticed yet that my dad’s recipes are bizarre? And oh, by the way he is a vegetarian, so that explains all the vegetables.

After tea my dad went to work in the garden while I was watching TV. I have really enjoyed the 3 pm Hindi movie today. It had some well-placed no nonsense humour and great actors too.

Then I went to super u with my dad and since we are greatly efficient shoppers we did our shopping in less than 1 hour. No. of times I lost my father: 3. reason: because he had forgotten his mobile at home. Luckily he was wearing an orange shirt (I think I should stop criticizing his color choices from now on.) and that has helped me greatly to spot him. I don’t know if it’s just me but I was feeling really cold today.

So when we got back home I had decided to go for a walk in the hills not so far from my home. And we got LOST!!! Can you actually believe it? Luckily we found our way back just before it got too dark but I was really scared.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Back home it was my turn to make diner and I made spaghettis. It was simple, with only cheese and tomato paste. All this downed with a good lemon juice. And I had dark chocolate as dessert.

The rest of the evening is insignificant. Right now I am sipping some coffee and the cold has not left me yet. “cold in the heart, cold to the core, cold as a corpse with a dead soul” freaky huh.

So long people. Enjoy while you’re warm.

p.s : love you Jev!!
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Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Life isn’t a horror movie.

It all started on April fool’s day. I got this prank phone call that I’ve talked about earlier. The guy said that he was in love with me and then sent me a message saying “april fool” etc… but then he kept on calling the next days, most of the times I took the call but did not talk or listen to what he was saying. I kept the phone on the table, just for the sake of making him waste his phone credit. But then today he sent me a message saying something about the star design that I have on the t-shirt that I was wearing yesterday and this really freaked me out. I mean just to imagine that there is a person who is mentally disturbed enough to waste his time on me (no offence meant Jevin) watching what I wear and what I do in the day is terribly horrible!!! So by tomorrow the situation will be okay, my dad’s gonna take care of that! ;) So for now I’ve got some suggestions:

How to cope with the horrors in life

1) use perfume

2) if really desperate take a bath

3) if the matter does not improve, wash your hair

4) drink water, eat vegetables

5) if the matter does not improve take laxatives

You don’t think it’s funny? You’re not the only one! But did you really expect something funny from someone who is currently the heroine of a low-budget suspense movie? How shallow of you.

Goodnight ladies and gents and my worried aliens.

Monday, 2 April 2007

something metallic

Recently I'm facing a real dilemma when it comes to choosing songs to listen to. I'm looking for something that rocks, like something real loud, real un-sissy(this word does not exist), real mind blowing that makes you wanna shout, jump around, be real active. I think I've found something, listening to machine head right now. God I wish there were more bands like that. No i'm not kidding and yeah I've got all my senses right at the moment when I'm writing this. Robb Flynn has got intestines, he's got THE VOICE! Try as you might to imitate him, it's gonna be a hell of a job. I'm not actually forcing you to imitate him, it's just an expression, if you don't agree, comment me.

So moving on to something else; recently I've written a song, it's called 'Everyone Else". Jevin says it looks like a backstreet boys work. Fuck you Honey! Still it's gonna rock when we've put the banla-touch on it. You just wait.

Since some people who could not move their butt to comment my blog asked me on a popular messenger about the pranks of yesterday, I'm going to talk about it. The first one was an annoyingly anonymous phone call from a guy who was claiming that he loves me. Duh! and the second one was on the above mentioned messenger from a guy who got me and Jevin simultaneously. He pretended to invite us to perform at a concert and said that we're gonna get paid too. I was dumb enough to believe that and to top it off I was actually excited about the idea. So it turned out to be a prank and this left me totally pissed off. I've even blocked the guy.

In normal circumstances this would not have affected me. But damnit, every one who knows even a millionth of my life knows how much music and performing and being a totally popular and snob star means to me. So fuck you for your dumb prank. By the way you can check the guy's apologies in the comments for the post i did on April Fool. He made 4 comments in all.

Now that I've talked about this, I'm getting the usual anger and pissed-offness(this word does not exist too).

So below is something to make me happy. An animation of cats who are probably listening to machine head and trying to sing "Bulldozer". That is, this is how I interpret it.

So long ladies and gents and my caring aliens!

Sunday, 1 April 2007

something strange...

Today was a real hell of a day. I gave tuitions in the morning, nothing weird about that. I slept in the afternoon, nothing weird about that too. I woke up to get to know that zou has just delivered her first baby. I rushed outside to see her with a tiny black puppy. She got only one baby. Now this is really weird. For those who are familiar with dogs, you might know that a dog usually begets around six puppies at a time and having a unique puppy is really rare. An interesting thing though is that Zou was born a unique baby too. So we went outside, my mum, my sister and I, we congratulated her. Really we actually gave her our best wishes, as if she really understood what we were talking about! Damn it was fun.
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This is a picture of Zou as a baby. She would not let me take a picture of her baby yet. So that will come later. So that's it for today ladies and gents and my overwhelmed aliens.

Oh btw, I've been the victim of 2 lame pranks today and that has completely pissed me off. So if you are getting ideas, it's still time to just forget it!