Sunday, 30 March 2008

That toe.

After almost a week of blogging silence most probably in respect to those dead in those rains I'm back with a short note/update which is totally unimportant to you but so very important for me: I've got a terrible toe ache. By that I mean that my toe is aching. My right toe most precisely. It is aching as hell and I feel terribly bad. Come to think of it, I feel terribly ridiculous writing this here but hell I needed a comic relief. I think you needed one too. Anyway, so long dudettes and dudes and my aching aliens. I'm going to turn on the lights and have a closer look of that toe. Oh my! Wish me luck.

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Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Killed by the rain

So the situation is such; there were torrential rains, you know the kind of rain which causes schools to be closed and kids to remain cozily at home. The only problem was that schools were not closed and kids did not remain at home. People went to work as usual and kids tried to go to school. Some were lucky enough to reach school, others came back home and one of them got killed, I don't know in what circumstances, but my guess is by drowning.

It's not a real pleasure to blame institutions and organizations but hell this time I totally blame the ministry of education and the meteorological service of Mauritius. Oh yeah it's easy to blame, I know. But this time I'll also tell you why:
Today was the fifth day of non-stop torrential rain. Let's forget the official water level and such things, it could be SEEN that the situation in the streets and bus stations was not appropriate for kids to go out. But then very important persons do not have the time too look out and SEE whether children could go to school or not. The day started normally until children had to be sent back home and some work places evacuated. Roads were flooded and buses stopped working in some regions of the island.

The Minister of Education says he's been in constant contact with heads of primary and secondary school. I don't know what kind of contact that was, but as far as I can see it brought nothing good.
Image Hosted by

Still the good thing they're stressing on is that most kids returned home safe and sound and tomorrow would be a no-school day but then that adolescent girl who died will not be brought to life, no matter how much the Minister regrets this.

I sincerely regret the loss of lives that this bad weather brought and I hope something could be done to have a better disaster management next time.

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Pictures: Thanks to Roshan and L'Express.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

About the rain


It's still here. Yeah! Mightier than ever and I'm wondering from where the clouds are getting so much water to throw at us. But I must admit that it feels cozy to sit inside and watch the rain fall while having some cups of hot beverages.

Below, some random pictures of the day. I've gone through some Egyptian art books and magazines to seek inspiration for my room's decoration. I've finally opted for a modern but Egyptian touch for the deco. Let's cross fingers and hope it works fine.
egyptian art

cat watching the rain

The rain can be inspiring after all. :D I'll leave you on this note dudettes and dudes and my inspired aliens. Take good care of yourselves.

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Sunday, 23 March 2008

Rainy sunday

Rainy days make me wanna sleep or take baths or drink lots of water cause I can't stand humidity. Humidity is boring, it lacks peps and it makes everyone look gloomy and that's how I am right now, gloomy... I went to see my grandma today, brought flowers and stuff, got pissed off at people for being people and returned home wishing the rain could stop and that damned sun could come out, because the day is called Sunday for a reason right?

About my room, I bought paint and accessories yesterday. I haven't found the time to paint and decorate though. I chose the most inappropriate time to want a change in my room. I think the change will come later, when I have like 24 hours of liberty per day, now that can be fun!

Right now I'm off to cook some fettuccine with a sauce I very much adore. Damn! I wish I could be cheerful right now.

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Friday, 21 March 2008

Moving towards the elegant...

flower decoration in my room

I've been watching so much home improvement and interior decoration shows on TV that they gave me this really powerful need to change the layout of my room and find a way to make everything fit together like they've been made to be here. My room now as it is, has a really childish decoration, with the flower power "mural". Now I want it to be elegant, perhaps that's maturity. I'm feeling really responsible lately, might be that! hihi...

So I'm gonna devote my week-end to making my room look more elegant. Won't be an easy task, I can be sure about it. But hey, I gotta find a way. So if you dudettes and dudes and my elegant aliens have some suggestions, let me know. It'll be of a great help! :D

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Sunday, 16 March 2008

Wasted Youth Rock Concert

So I went to the concert yesterday and below, some random pictures of the day. You see that kid below? He totally rocks! And the event was, how do I put it... Good. So long dudettes and dudes and my impatient aliens, I'll leave you with those pictures. I'm totally tired and I need a real night's sleep.

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Thursday, 13 March 2008

A tag...

Tagged by Firefly Wings

1. Today I feel very — motivated and eager but at the same time anxious.

2. I enjoy - everything that is tidy, well-presented and intelligently conceived.

3. I am unhappy when — things do not go my way.

4. I feel good when — people act intelligently around me without asking stupid questions and expecting explanations.

5. I wish my boss — existed.

6. My officemates think — I'm the most creative person in the universe... Yup you've guessed it, I don't work yet.

7. My work area is — tidy and minimalist.

8. I enjoy reading about — historical events which held a certain mystery for a long time.

9. I like myself best when — I'm innovative and original.

10. If I had a choice I would — do it all over again the same way it is. I don't regret anything, not yet anyway.

11. I wish — people never got hurt and sick.

12. Tomorrow I would like to — have a great day.

So much for this tag dudettes and dudes and my tagged aliens. Feel free to reply to this on your own blogs. It would be great to get to know your answers.

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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Independence Day, our way...

Yesterday was awesome, everything went as planned. I can say with full assurance that it was the best Independence Day I've ever had! razz OK, for those who haven't understood what it's all about, we had a sort of picnic yesterday, was at Baie du Tombeau, somewhere near a tree, rocks and the sea. The event had been planned some weeks ago but I was fearing that it would never occur. But it did! :P

I was supposed to cook something but since I was kind of taken up the previous day I made some sort of tortillas with chicken and mushrooms. The other foods were awesome. OK, this is sounding more and more like a kid's essay.

To end this I'd say that it was a totally crazy day, the kind of day you wish could come everyday! hihi! I haven't got photos of the day but you can check out at Rooch and Keli's place for pics.

So long dudettes and dudes and my independent aliens. I'm looking forward to the next independence day! Yayy!

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Sunday, 9 March 2008

You worship your imagination...

The title says it all. No, I am not opening war with all those who believe in God but sometimes I'm just pissed off, especially when I see those around me who pray day and night and have tremendous respect for the great beyond and at the same time treat fellow human beings like slaves or meaningless fungi.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Oh great! It won't ever stop...

About that thing that I did yesterday, I can't tell you now. It'll be out in a week or so, maybe less than that, so you'll definitely get to know. All I gotta say was that it went great and I was quite comfortable with the questions. mrgreen

Right now I'm having a terrible screen problem. My laptop screen is dimming and my monitor is omitting reds, that is I'm seeing the world in blues and greens only from my PC screen. This reminds you of a song? Oh well! I gotta fix that problem soon, cause my not so fabulous eyes won't be able to handle that for long.

Aah! so much for a boring Saturday dudettes and dudes and my anxious aliens. I gotta pimp my screens! Yayy! rolleyes

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Thursday, 6 March 2008

Yet again...

There's nothing better than an appointment with unknown people to make you feel conscious as hell. Like what if I have a bad hair day? Or what if I look all sweaty? What if they decide that I'm not the right one for this? Or what if what I write is not good enough?

Aargh, so much thoughts are nagging me these days. I've even lied down with potato slices on my eyes during the day. I'll never be able to make it, really. But if I did... IF I did, I'll let you know about it and you can be happy for me or mad at me for not telling you about it. Whichever the case it'll be great if it happened.

Oh yeah I know, whatever I said does not make sense now. It'll be in the near future. You'll know about it. And for now, so much for my secrets dudettes and dudes and my curious aliens. Now that I've told you guys about it, I'm feeling much better. Hihi... Now I understand why some call this therapy. You were so damn right!

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Monday, 3 March 2008

Realisations break in.

The zeal is gone and I caught myself watching TV for more hours than what's good for me. I realised that Half Light, the movie, sucks... big time. Believe in the beyond, yeah really... Who the hell were they trying to kid when they made that movie? Hmm, that kid in the movie maybe? OK, I agree some parts of the movie were freaky, I was almost tempted to be scared but then when the ghosts started being friendly and helping out the main protagonist I knew that this movie was not meant for me. But I kept on watching, just in case... And the next thing I knew was that the movie was over and all's well that ends well. Crappy quote.

And now I'm waiting for my weekly dose of séance interdite when I could watch a great B-series movie without suffering the worst disappointment of my life.

And finally I've realised that a world without kohl is not a world for me to live in. I gotta buy an eyeliner real soon.

So much for the realisations dudettes and dudes and my surprised aliens, my TV is feeling lonely. See ya'll.

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Saturday, 1 March 2008

Holy Pilgrimage?

grand bassin

nandhi statue at grand bassin

It was close to that. We went to Grand Bassin today. Woke up early, bathed, dressed up, my mum prepared a picnic and we were there in one hour. Yeah! Ain't that awesome? So we reached Grand Bassin, had trouble to find a proper parking space. And minutes later we were praying down there at the edge of the lake. We completed all the rounds of deities and donations in less than one hour. While returning to the car I saw this wonderful purple flower and I could not resist. I managed to get one that has roots to it. Yeah holy pilgrimages are truly beneficial.

purple flower

But seriously, religions and religious festivals should not be taken too seriously as some people just might be taking advantage of that piety and god-fearing nature most people have. For instance I've noticed a serious seasonal inflation regarding the price of bananas, coconuts etc... Basically all those fruits and provisions usually used during this period of time.

Plus they were actually selling bael leaves at the entrance of the great Shiv temples at Grand Bassin. Yeah you might say it's just donation but... who the hell are they kidding? I know that temples and religious institutions have costs but I sense that they are more than breaking even here.

Thanks for the bael leaf image.

Anyway so much for the dark issue and now for some fun issue, today is Kushie's birthday! He is a five year old little boy now. hihi! Happy birthday Toops (though I know you won't be reading my blog.) mrgreen

Aah so much for today dudettes and dudes and my cheering aliens. This post was a perfect example of a what I did today post! lol

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